Happy Monday! I thought I would do a monthly favourites sort of post today, considering it’s October in a few days. OCTOBER. WHAT. I can’t cope. I know everyone always says it but time seriously goes so fast it scares me! Anyway, here are some of the things I’ve been loving this month…

I am in love with this L’Oreal lip pencil in the shade 657 Rosewood. It’s really creamy and is the perfect colour for ‘my lips but better’!


This Vaseline product is perfect for me! My hands get so dry, but I hate applying hand creams that are all sticky and have you sitting not being able to touch anything for hours! This soaks in straight away, and also doubles up as a anti-bacterial hand gel to keep your hands clean while moisturising them at the same time.


This Essie nail varnish in the shade ‘Find Me An Oasis’ has been one of my favourites this month, it’s such a nice baby blue colour. It’s also really easy and non-streaky to paint on, as well as drying pretty quickly.


My favourite scent this month would have to be BonBon by Viktor & Rolf! Flowerbomb is probably one of the best perfumes in the world, but this scent brings more of a sweet side and I really really love it. For somebody who is obsessed with pretty packaging (no seriously, I’m obsessed, it’s actually a problem), this bottle is TO DIE FOR. Not gonna lie, I’d probably buy this just for the packaging even if it smelt awful (help me). P.S. The mini bottle is so cute, it’s actually tiny!


Baby oil is a lifesaver! Talk about going back to basics with my beauty products.. but this stuff is amazing. After you’ve had a bath/shower, put this all over your body while your skin’s still soaking wet and let it do it’s magic! I’m usually a morning shower kind of girl, but I’ve been showering more in the evenings when using this because I can get into my pyjamas and go to bed straight away without getting my greasiness everywhere for the rest of the day. Plus, wake up in the morning with baby soft skin – winning!


This Becca x Jaclyn Hill highlighter in Champagne Pop. I HAVE NO WORDS. Where do I start?! I love Becca highlighters – the formula is so creamy, the powder is so finely milled, and they are so pigmented, striking that perfect glowy balance between not looking really shiny, nor like you’ve got chunks of glitter on your face. And don’t even get me started on Jaclyn Hill… she’s been one of my favourite YouTubers for God knows how long, so you can only imagine how excited I was when she created this highlighter with them! Emotional right?


Love love love these mason jar glasses/pretty cups. For some reason, drinking out of these seem to make me drink a lot more (which I really struggle with!) as well as making it easy to drink! I love using these for smoothies, iced coffee or just water and adding some fruit. Plus, this particular one is covered in sea shells and says ‘one day I’ll be a mermaid’ which basically sums up my life.


Last but not least, I love this necklace! I only got it last week but I’ve pretty much worn it every day since, so it definitely qualifies as a September favourite for me! I got it in Brandy Melville – one of my favourite shops OF LIFE. It’s such a beautiful piece and seems to go with so many different outfits, it’s just fab.


Have a good week!



I am loving this colour at the moment! I’m a big fan of longline tees with splits up the sides anyway, but when I spotted this one I couldn’t resist! I love pairing it with a pair of high-waisted jeans and trainers for a casual look, then adding some gold jewellery and sunglasses…

Top Forever 21

Jeans River Island

Trainers Adidas

Sunglasses River Island


…I’ve always always always wanted to start a blog, so here goes! I’ve had an interest in fashion and beauty for as long as I can remember, and am always looking for new places to express it (as well as share it with like-minded people!) so I thought I should finally pursue my ongoing interest in blogging.

My love for instagramming (yes, that is now a word) stems from my love for photography and combining it with shots of all things pretty which I come across in day-to-day life, which I am now excited to express further in the form of a blog, where I can share more of what I love in a talkative way, being the massive chatterbox that I am!

I wouldn’t know where to start with categorising my own personal style, as it is simply very ‘me’. I wear whatever takes my fancy and style it with what I like, which revolves around a lot of black, white and nude. Aside from my pretty simple style, there may be the occasional pops of pink and sparkle, beware.. I am the girliest of girls!

Hope you enjoy, stay tuned!

M x x x