So let’s talk about organisation. When I get a chance, I love tidying, and if something is messy it kinda makes me nervous looking at it (lol) BUT, with that being said, I hardly ever tidy. Whether it’s with my room, my dressing table, anything, I will literally never tidy it until I get a chance or it’s no longer usable because there is so much JUNK, hahaha.

I’m one of those people who will spend ages tidying my room, putting all my make-up away, hanging all my clothes up, then BAM, I’m getting ready to go out the next day, rushing out the door (I hate rushing ugh) with no time to be clean or tidy up the room that I just tidied not even 12 hours ago, and we’re back to square one again – clothes everywhere, make-up everywhere, no, just no.

So let’s focus on the make-up area today, and how to get your dressing table/make-up/getting ready/glam area from looking ugh to absolutely Tumblr. Am I the only one who does their make-up much nicer (more time, more effort, etc) when their dressing table is tidy? Just me?

I am about to share with you a very disturbing ‘BEFORE’ image, if you are easily offended by make-up mess please click away immediately…


This hurts my eyes

Omg. The horror. I actually feel so ashamed that I just shared that ONLINE. This is about to change, I swear. FORGIVE ME😂😂

1 – Clear the JUNK (aka, dirty tissues, little cotton swab things, all of that gross make-up congested stuff)

2 – This little dressing table makeover actually helped me to clear out my make-up – so get rid of old products! If they’ve sat there for far too long, you’ve never used them, they’re not really your colour, either chuck them away or pass them onto friends or family who may enjoy them more than you do!


Swatching lip colours, half of which I have never even worn OOPS

3 – Put products back where they belong – I had so many things on my dressing table that did not even belong there, making it look 10x more cluttered! Make sure all of your hair products are out of the way (at least for me anyway, I like to keep mine separate) – this includes hairsprays and general hair products, hair bands, clips, brushes. Like seriously.

4 – Once everything is cleared off of the tabletop, CLEAN IT.

5 – Here it comes, what you’ve all been waiting for.. CLEAN YO BRUSHES. Probably the biggest chore for all us make-up lovers out there, but it’s so worth it in the end, I don’t feel gross about using dirty brushes on my skin and the make-up itself applies SO much nicer. Everytime I clean my brushes, I wish I did it more often. I use baby shampoo & my Sigma brush cleaning glove, I will link both down below! Baby shampoo is super gentle on your brushes too. The glove is so cool, it has a special wash, refine and rinse sections to deep clean your brushes and it’s super easy to use. They discontinued the one I use with only one thumb and have brought out a new one with two thumbs, but apart from that it’s exactly the same thing. It also has one side of the glove for face brushes and the other side for eyes, so the texture is a little different for smaller, more delicate brushes. Make sure you reshape your brushes and lay them horizontal and flat when they are drying off, so the water doesn’t get down into the bristles and loosens the glue that holds the handle in place!


Brush cleaning time!

6 – Put all of your daily make-up into one bag/section. For me personally, I use my dressing table to store all of my make-up, then I have my Ted Baker make-up bag, which will be linked down below, to store all of my day to day make-up. This allows me to access the make-up I use every morning easily, in one bag, as well as keeping the drawers organised with the rest of my products.


YAY the finished product

Yay! Such an improvement. I store all of my lip products in these two large pink containers (link bel0w) on either side of my dressing table, and then I have a smaller version to keep my brushes in (does anyone remember these IKEA containers that are meant to be ‘plant pots’ that every Instagrammer was obsessed with?!). I use my Victorias Secret tray to store my MAC palette (which I’m in the process of filling up), my Tartelette palette, a selection of my YSL and MAC lipsticks, The Body Shop ‘The Sparkler’ (A really cute all-over shimmer kinda thing, I never really use it but it’s so cute for decoration) and my headbands, of course. I can’t do my make-up without a headband, I have so much hair and it gets everywhere if I don’t put one on! These two are my personal favourites – a black flower crown, which I think was from Topshop? Maybe? Like Summer 2012 when the flower crown trend was real, and rose gold glitter cat ears, ugh they are so cute, I can’t even. I love rose gold, and glitter, and cats, obvs, so how could I not?

Congrats if you’ve made it to the end of this blog post, some hardcore make-up organisation happened here but I feel so much better for it! TRY IT💁 All links are below..


Baby Shampoo

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

Ted Baker make-up bags

IKEA large pot (lips)

IKEA small pot (brushes)

Victorias Secret Tray (not on the website, maybe search ‘Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Tray’ on Google/Amazon)

MAC palette

MAC single eyeshadows

Tarte Tartelette palette

YSL Rouge Volupté lipsticks

MAC lipsticks

The Body Shop ‘The Sparkler’ (not on the website, but available on Amazon)

Flower crown headbands (super cute ones on ASOS Marketplace)

Rose gold glitter cat headband