To all my gals (and guys!) out there that love to cake, bake and transform their face with the magic of make-up, the Beauty Blender is probably no stranger to you. If you have never used one, PLEASE make that your goal of the day, get one, use it, fall in love with it. The Beauty Blender has seriously changed the make-up game for me, and I honestly don’t think there’s a day that’s gone past since I owned mine that I haven’t used it! It’s a real love story, I know.

Onto what this blog post is really all about: cleaning your Beauty Blender. Due to the weird and wonderful texture of it, normal soap/water/etc does not seem to clean it, it requires a special cleanser which BB sell, in liquid and solid form. For years of using my BBs, I have had to stock up on these cleansers as there was no other method to cleaning them, but a few months ago the time came when enough was enough. The solid cleanser retails for £14 and the liquid is £15. Don’t get me wrong, people may think I’m crazy for spending almost £20 on a beauty sponge, but it’s worth it! It works, and I use it every single day, so it works out a pretty good deal for me. On the other hand, spending almost the same amount on essentially SOAP finally made me realise I was done. Like no thanks. I’m good.


As I was about to purchase yet another BB cleanser online, before I checked out, I thought I’d just quickly google ‘Beauty Blender cleanser dupes‘ (because who doesn’t love a deal, right?) and sure enough, up pops a blog post by Dyno Pup Beauty which seriously SAVED ME! Thank you so much girl!

So here’s the thing, Johnson’s Baby Soap with honey is the EXACT dupe of BB cleansers. Like an even better cleanser though. And guess what the best part is? You can buy a 4 pack of these at Boots for £1.05. I’M SORRY, WHAT. So yes. Life: changed. Each 100g bar works out to be about 25p, whereas the BB cleanser is less than half the size of this, for a hell of a lot more. You do the math.


So please please please, if you are a Beauty Blender lover like myself, grab yourself a bargain and start cleansing with this amazing stuff instead. Save the money you would spend on overpriced soap and put it towards a new BB instead (because for the record, the actual sponge is totally worth the money & there is nothing else like it around).

Have a great weekend💁


Johnson’s Baby Soap with honey

Pink Beauty Blender

Red Beauty Blender

Rose Gold Cat Ears

MAC Lipstick – Candy Yum Yum

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick – Bitch Perfect

Gold rings (similar here)